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Serving residents throughout Yellowknife, Sheri's First Class Cleaning offers thorough and dedicated move-in and move-out cleaning services. Whether you want to make sure your new home is spotless before you arrive, or you need it cleaned after you leave, we can help. Sheri's First Class Cleaning is experienced and will get deep into it, cleaning every square inch of the property. You’ve never seen a clean home or apartment, till you’ve seen one cleaned by us.

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Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Free On-Site Estimate for Moving Cleaning Services

Moving is already hectic and stressful as it is. The last thing you want to do is scrub the floors after moving 3 couches, 4 beds, 6 book shelves, 3 TVs... you get the point. That’s why you need the help of Sheri's First Class Cleaning for your moving cleaning. We offer extremely thorough cleaning services that are great for property managers, homeowners, renters, and real estate agents.

Our estimates are typically dependent on the square footage of the property and the estimated hours to get it done right. If there are areas that require specialized or complex cleaning, the time required to provide the high quality clean you expect may take longer than the average. Call us now for a free on-site estimate!

What Is Included in Our Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Services?

Aside from special circumstances, most moving cleaning covers the same basic categories. These include but are not limited to:

  • Deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens
  • Vacuuming every room
  • Washing every non-carpeted floor
  • Dusting baseboards, shelving, lamps, windowsills, etc.
  • Wiping cupboards inside and out
  • Spot cleaning scuffs on walls, floor, doors, etc.

Our goal is to make sure not only that the property looks great, but that it’s livable too. Our quality standards are extremely high. We work quickly and efficiently to remove every trace that someone had once lived there. You could eat off any surface in the house once we’re done with it.

There’s a very good reason we’re the first-class cleaners! Call us now!

Weekend Availability for Move Cleaning

In order to make our cleaning services a little more convenient, we offer move cleaning on the weekend. Yes, that’s right—we are available by appointment for your moving clean on the weekend. We offer 8-hour plus bookings to cover all your moving cleaning needs.

Thorough, reliable, and respectful. Now that’s clean.

Moving Cleaning for Open Houses and Property Managers

There’s no doubt that clean homes sell. But are you really going to clean it yourself? Do you have the patience and dedication to clean every corner and under all the furniture and appliances? Call us for an estimate. We will make sure that your home is spotless and ready to attract the interest of buyers throughout the region.

Plus, once the house is sold, we can come back and give it a thorough cleaning before the new owners move in!

Reliable Move-in and Move-out Cleaners

Take some of the burden of moving or selling a house off your shoulders. Hire Sheri's First Class Cleaning for efficient, friendly service and the spotless house cleaning you can count on and be proud of.

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