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Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning Yellowknife

If your home or business has just been built, renovated or remodeled and you think you can walk right in, you are in for a shock. Unless you have hired the world’s most considerate contractors, there is going to be a mess that needs to be taken care of before you can fully settle in. Unfortunately, a post-construction cleanup is rarely as simple as sweeping up the dust, although we can almost guarantee that there is going to be a lot of dust.

Post-construction cleanups typically involve a lot of heavy lifting, ladder work and some debris removal. Does that really sound like something you want to worry yourself with ahead of moving in to your space? Most people like some help with cleanups, which is why we are proud to offer post-construction cleaning services to home and business owners in the area.

Sheri's First Class Cleaning is licensed and insured and offers expert post-construction cleaning. Our cleaner arrives onsite with the necessary supplies, equipment and tools that could be needed to ensure that your home or business looks as stunning as possible.

With the help of Sheri's First Class Cleaning’s professional post-construction cleaning services, every inch of your new, renovated or remodeled space will be sparkling. Call us for a free estimate on our exceptional post-construction cleaning services.

Post-Construction Cleanup Checklist

The most important aspect of any professional cleaning service, particularly a post-construction cleanup service, is to make sure that there are no tasks overlooked. When you choose Sheri's First Class Cleaning to provide your post-construction cleanups, we make sure the cleaning is thorough. Some of the cleaning tasks included on our checklist include:

  • Cleaning all dirt, dust and debris
  • Cleaning and sanitizing washrooms, kitchens and appliances
  • Wiping down light fixtures and outlets
  • Washing ceilings and walls

And so much more.

Post-construction cleanups are all about making sure your new space shines, so tell us how we can do that for you.

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When construction is complete, make sure that your new residential or commercial space is ready for you when you move in. Contact Sheri's First Class Cleaning today for a free estimate on our post-construction cleaning services.

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